A new Beat

There’s only a few times in life when you come across someone who is on your wave length, has similar outlooks on life and is doing the damn thing. Person in question is Diane Morgan, director of Nitrobeat. Sparks fly off her when she talks because there is so much to do. She has so much to do. If it’s not her new production, The Passion of Lady Vendredi, a ‘time travelling mythic uninhibited journey’ coproduced by Mas Productions and in association with Soho Theatre, it’s the other projects, events, talks and interviews she has in her hat, ready for the rabbit to jump out. I get the privilege of being apart of the process. With a new placement with Nitrobeat and Soho Theatre, I get to soak it all in, learn and do my damn thing too.

I get to learn from an exciting collective. The Soho Theatre is a buzz of emerging, eclectic and exciting theatre, comedy and cabaret. Nitrobeat is and has done for many years – leading the way in finding new talent that is shaking up black performance and musical theatre. And with the diversity debate going on now, the fusion of Soho Theatre and Nitrobeat is singing to a perfectly timed melody.


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