A Revamp

There’s a revamp happening. Are you all aware?

I was at Stamp with Ovalhouse talking all things theatre on our stand next to Battersea Arts Centre. We were in good company with The Young Vic, The Yard Theatre, Theatre 503, Tamasha and most of the companies that make up Stamp.

One of the talks was with the arts council entitled Arts Council Funding for Emerging Artists (and everyone else) with relationship manger Will Young doing the presenting.

So, the revamp?

From March/April of this year there is a new swanky title for its main funding stream what is currently Grants for the Arts. It will soon be called – Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants.

This new title shortened to Project Grants will:

– Expand work in creative and digital areas

– Have an increased budget of £93.7m to integrate arts, museums and libraries

– Have a slightly tweaked online form. There has been considerably feedback in the language used in Grantium and soon it will be easier to understand.

So essentially nothing really has changed much and certainly nothing that will make applying harder.

There’s is also more excitingly another funding stream just for individual artists and practitioners to develop their creative practice – Developing Your Creative Practice.

The details are:

– It is absolutely not for organisations

– the pot of money is between £2k- £10k

– it is in 4 quarterly rounds

– there is roughly an 8 week turnaround

– it is launching in mid Feb-ish

The application process will be the same but- and here’s the key – without the public engagement part. This funding is set up because the powers that be understand that it is important for artists to develop their creative process without knowing what’s next. It’s for those who:

– Need time and money to do something, explore their practice

– R&D

– Experimenting with new collaborators

– Developing networks

– Travel grants (this was the international artist development fund. It’s now in here)

– Professional development activities

It’s for those to think about what are their strategies, plans etc that will develop their practice. The application process will look the same as it’s on Grantium and £3.6m has been allocated to this a year.

Full guidance will be out in roughly 2 weeks.

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