Channelling The Bodes

“Where did you get your inspiration from to be a writer?”

Easy – The Bodes. My dad.
He was my hero, villain, saviour, plot point, twist and payoff.

This was one of the questions I got asked in an interview that will be shown just before a performance of my short play ‘Daniel and Eric’ about the death of 43 year old Eric Garner who died in the hands of a police officer. It is in collaboration with The Bush Theatre, ahead of  Rebecca Lenkiewicz’s new play The Invisible.

Another question I was asked was, “how does injustice feel to you?”.
Easy. That my inspiration is no longer here. But that’s my injustice of the world being robbed of an amazing human being.

Injustice as in what I see reported on the news, read in newspapers or online feels crippling. I feel crippled by the fact that children will don’t have clean water or get snatched away to serve as things to dirty old men. I feel crippled about the amount of poverty or overall lack in certain parts of the world.

How is injustice measured? Is it a greater injustice for Officer Pantaleo not to be indicted after putting Eric Garner in a chokehold – than young girls  in Somalia, Mali or Egypt being subjected to female genital mutilation? Is the later a greater injustice because it arguably affects a greater number of people?

We have personal injustices (my dad dying of cancer) that seep into our everyday lives making us (well I know i feel this) feel crippled and immovable. This is where I channel The Bodes. So I can fight harder. Be braver. Keep going. We all need to channel a something or draw inspiration to stop injustices – the worlds or your own. It’s going on those marches, making people annoyed hat you’ve disrupted their daily commute so they can stop and listen. It’s volunteering, raising money, talking, writing – doing.

My piece with The Bush theatre is just that. I’m not saying it’ll change things overnight. What I am trying to do at the very least is make people stop and think. To feel and know that these things are still going on.  My blood boils. I get agitated and feel a bit helpless. I channel The Bodes, pick up and pen and write so that you all can read and think about it and read some more and think about it just that bit more.

My inspiration became my injustice has become my inspiration again.

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