I can now add “award-winning” when I’m selling myself. I’m not a bragger to say the least. I can’t even market myself properly. I’m more than chuffed that I recently won – literally on Monday – The Student Guide to Writing: Playwrighting award.

This fab award which saw University of the Arts London, The Bush Theatre, Oberon Books and Writers at Work Productions, partner together in helping students learn playwriting from the industry professionals. The prize: Down Hair (my play) will be published by Oberon Books and will feature at London Writers Week in July.

I’m getting there…

I put up a quote not too long ago:

I vehemently stand by these words because there’s nothing more true when it comes to my journey as titi the writer. I’m getting there and obviously not giving up. The trick – none really. Just be in the right places to have those conversations. For me it was to attend Central Saint Martins. Best decision I’ve ever made because I’ve met, learnt and been inspired by more people then ever. I’m attending the Women of the Future Ambassadors Reception next week. I was in a diversity focus group last week. Then before that I was on a panel for something I wrote for some taxi drivers on Bradford. Next week I’ll be in Plymouth discussing some collaboration work…

I’m not a bragger to say the least. This is a long time coming – but just like in my quote – “I’ve just never given up.”


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  • Chioma

    Written on April 20, 2016


    Well done Titi! For never giving up and for pursuing your dreams!

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