I wasn’t going to but…

I really wasn’t going to join in the debates about Beyonce and the Super Bowl, Janet Hubert, Stacey Dash, Oscars, etc, etc,etc – and I won’t!
I want to celebrate John Boyega, Noma Dumezweni, Kojo, KG tha Comedian, Kojey Radical, Emmavie and many more.

Some of these names are familiar, some aren’t, but they are all black and they are all slaying! Their ethnicity, or course shouldn’t be a thing, but for the point of this post, it is. They are nicely doing their thing whether in the theatre, acting, presenting or putting out music. And the best thing for me, is that they are simply getting on with it. Noma Dumezweni has been tweeted, commented, scrutinised because she is to play Hermione in a new Harry Potter stage play. If JK is fine with it, why can’t everyone else be?

John Boyega who recently won the EE Rising Star Award at the BAFTAs (an award that is voted by the public by the way, but I’m not saying anything while I sip on my green tea) has had some die-hard Star Wars fans not impressed that there is a black lead in their precious franchise. Mr Boyega must not be caring less as he starts filming VIII soon.

I know there is still an unbalance in films, music, TV, theatre, etc, etc, and while those debates around this are going on, I just don’t want to forget to raise a glass to those who are doing their thing because their success is being overshadowed. And like it’s been said many times, things will only change if those who make the decisions (film studios, casting directors, people with money) change.

That is all.


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