Hermione is grown 

And black. The cast of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child was unveiled today and there are a few changes. Hermione Granger is being played by Noma Dumezweni in the new stage show devised by JK Rowling and Jack Thorne. Dumezweni is not adverse to controversy, for when she replaced Kim Cattrall in Royal Court’s Linda the theatre received irate customers wanting their money back as they had paid to see Cattrall, not to them, this unknown black woman.

Now she is the grown up Hermione along with Jamie Parker playing Harry  and Paul Thornley as Ron. The decision to cast Dumezweni was merely down to her being the best actor for the role as with the others. Pre-sale tickets have already broken box office records, selling over 250,000 and so far, I don’t think anyone’s asked for their money back…

Fans have been wishing Dumezweni well and have been excited that she is joining the “wizarding world.” If anyone was ever in doubt over the casting JK Rowling herself never had Hermione down as white. In the books she was described as having “bushy brown hair and brown eyes.” Of course some are saying this is all down to being too PC but who cares. It just proves that strong writing and characters we’ve fallen in love with over the years surpasses anything else. At the end of the day it’s about great storytelling.

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