Making the most of it

I come to the end of my MA in Dramatic Writing at Central Saint Martins. It’s the end of an era and all that, but certainly the beginning of something else.

Not knowing what a writing course could do for me, I put my best foot forward, spent too much time on Pinterest finding inspiration for my first day outfit, had different conversations prepared to make me appear witty and worldly and arrived in Kings Cross – hopeful?

Over the past two years, I have worked with true champions of the theatre industry. I networked, had endless coffees, traveled to different parts of London to casually have a few minutes of someones time. I structured and re-structed plays, ventured into radio, animation and short film.  I saw the most amount of new writing and established pieces of work ever in the space of 24 months.

The result of all of this means that I am now working with Fin Kennedy and Tamasha Theatre on a few projects. At nitroBEAT and Soho Theatre, I am an assistant producer and my play, Womb, was featured in Soho’s Downstairs space in June. I won a few awards, having another play Down Hair performed in August, going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on a producer placement, writing for London Writers Week and having a play published by Oberon Books. I directed Seeking Serenity for the launch of Creative Blue Balls, a new theatre and film platform, I formed a new collaboration with a fellow classmate and bagged a distinction along the way.

By all means this is not me bragging – this is me finally doing what I had always wanted to since I was 4 years old, writing stories and making my sister perform them to my parents while they tried to have a lie in on a Saturday morning. This is me making the most of it.

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