Spinning Plates

My son is 1 month old today and ever since I found out that I was pregnant, I have been determined to carry on writing, producing and getting my work out there. It’s not easy being a new mum of course and trying to live life at full speed. That’s what I’m used to doing, but adjustments obviously needed to be made and full speed became a crawl.

I had no idea how to do all this whilst having a baby, or if I even could. As I said, it’s about adjustments. My son goes along with me to talks and plays. I have one foot rocking his Moses basket while I type away on my laptop. He’s a good baby and lets me Skype my French teacher twice a week without disturbing me. I have been writing drafts for the musical I’ve been commissioned to write for youth theatre company Beyond Face and have started writing for an online lifestyle magazine in America. I wrote a monologue last year during my MA and it is being performed at The Bush Theatre in May as part of the Student Guide to Writing  project and it will be published by Oberon books. 

It is important for me to still keep my creative juices flowing whilst on maternity leave. I’m still exploring whether women can have it all, and from my previous posts, I’ve been inspired by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie who talks a lot about women not just being defined by what you are – a mother, wife. This was something I thought a lot about: who will I be when I have a child. I was concerned about still being able to write – well more specifically, being able to get my work out there – whilst having a new born and figuring out how to be a mum. And the most important thing to me is definitely being a mum but I realised that I like being busy and having various different plates spinning. It’s who I am. My pace may be slower, but I’m still going.

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