There’s so much destruction, hate and death going on all around the world, there’s so many answered questions and so many victims ending up with no justice being served.  I wrote a monologue for nitroBEATBites in June at Soho Theatre called ‘Womb’ which I wanted whoever heard it, to think to themselves: what if God was done with us? Whoever or whatever you believe is looking over us and thinking, “what they hell have you done with all that I’ve given you.”

This post is dedicated to anyone who is pissed with the injustice of senseless killings.

Here’s an extract:

Womb (an extract)

By Titilola Ige feat. Mr Ekow as Cain

Womb is with Cain, surveying over the world. She is distraught by how crappy the world has become. Cain isn’t interested. He’s picking something out of his teeth. Or drinking someone’s drink. Just rolling his eyes at Womb’s ranting.

Womb: Don’t you dare patronise me. You see me and despise me. The lies, the lies you cry to me, I can’t even begin to describe the pain to you that I would die and die all over again for you. What more can I possibly do for you? I’m ruined. You’ve ruined me and still I carry you. Here in the palm of my hands, these hands that reached inside of me. Pulled you out but you cut all ties from me.

Sees something.

So I see this generation of unloving, loathing, hate and moaning. Acknowledges the fallen ones and not the called to ones, no leaders, teachers, just unwanted preachers. Once the cord was cut, my womb empty – bare. Not one look back as each foot ripped at my vaginal tear.

Sees something. Maybe there’s a couple in the audience?

 Yes, yes, yes. Oh yes. Be bliss, kiss, miss her when she leaves you. Wrap your finger in her weave, do. There’s only a few times we get these chances to have a guardian to our hearts, if in parts to catch his dart.

You know “I’d rather to have loved than-?“ no, I don’t want anyone to loose. I want us to self-heal, self-soothe. Choose your guardians wisely, so later you don’t despise me. Because it’s me you all call to when death kills – I heal. But you’d rather follow the one that’s set to steal.

Sees something else.

Are you him who wants all, wants, more, the cake the crumbs until everything’s gone and everything’s done? Why do you persist, insist to destroy the promise of legacy? Integrity left when you planted your seed, planted among the dying weeds, the fallen trees. The unpleasant reeds. How many more left without a worthwhile guide to this thing called life? I told you to look after them. I’d rather you all start again –

Because I gave you dominion, I wanted you to stand in formation and I taught you to rule. You were meant to be more than fools. The light I promised you was meant to be your fuel.

Mutters, wringing her hands.

I know the plans that I have for you; I didn’t think you wouldn’t look after me, after all that I gave to you. Why didn’t you want what I made for you? Could you do better – that’s brave of you. You constantly challenge my days with you.

I made you.

So I’m allowed to be slightly miffed, maybe more pissed at the vicarious living you live through others. I am literally the fucker of all the mothers cos this mother didn’t just discover you. This mother made the same things that now trouble you.

I can’t say I wanna be done with you.

But I kinda wanna be done with you – this can’t be fun for you. The things you do. I’m more than miffed. More than pissed.

At the rift you’ve built. This is shi-

Copyright Titilola Dawudu 2016

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